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Discover a valuable insights with our paediatrician-led online courses written by Dr Peyton, meticulously crafted to enhance parents' understanding of common mental health issues in children. Elevate your mental health knowledge as our courses provide in-depth awareness of effective treatments and practical strategies that can be incorporated into your parenting journey,

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ADHD in children: everyday strategies with Dr Dan

As an experienced pediatrician and published child mental health researcher, I've curated these strategies based on my professional insights and personal experiences, all while engaging with numerous families.

In this course, you'll not only gain access to some of the most effective resources but also learn about ADHD – its challenges and nuances.

While families may have limited time with their paediatrician to discuss ADHD details during appointments, this course is designed to make up for that. It's created to empower you with practical strategies that tackle ADHD challenges in behaviour, academics, social skills, emotional regulation, and resilience, applicable in home, school, and social settings.
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